President Tsai attends forum on environmental sustainability

President Tsai attends forum on environmental sustainability President Tsai noted that Taiwan is plotting a path to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, both via an ongoing energy transformation, and by developing systematic strategies to reduce emissions. Taiwan will not be left to chase this international trend. During my first term in office, we launched the 5+2 industrial innovation plan, as part of which we are now engaged in an all-out effort to develop green energy and a circular economy. Thinking must change on both the supply and demand sides of the market, so that we can seize new business opportunities and make Taiwan an even stronger competitor in global supply chains. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), for example, has joined the RE100 renewable energy initiative, which promotes 100-percent reliance on green energy. And many companies have joined the Taiwan Circular Economy 100, an alliance of firms seeking to move away from the linear economy toward a circular economy. These are excellent examples of the willingness of industry to adapt to these emerging trends.

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