Our Mission

By introducing the new concepts and strategies of circular economy, our goal is to create new driving force for industrial development. We aim to foster a new economic development model for Taiwan based on the success experience of industrial symbiosis overseas.


Why we promote circular economy?

We cannot achieve environmental sustainability if we continue to deplete our natural resources at the current rate. We simply cannot continue down this path. Instead, Taiwan has to shift to the era of circular economy, turning waste into resources and gradually adjust our economic development model based on long-term sustainability.


Circular Economy - 8R Ecosystem

Circular Economy-8R EcoSystem

減廢 Reduce、物盡其用 Reuse、物料回收 Recycle
能源回收 Recovery、修復使用 Repair
重新設計 Redesign、重新思考 Rethink、重新定義 Redefine

Transform supply chain in traditional economic system into ecosystem.

Current Status of Sustainable Development

Countries around the world are developing innovative business models to create higher value.

As part of the "Five Plus Two" Innovative Industries Plan, Circular Economy Promotion Plan facilitates technology development to drive industries towards sustainable development.

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